Guide to Choosing Carpet for Stairs

Choosing carpet for your stairs is a very similar process to finding theĀ best seller canister vacuums on the market. First you have to realize that stairs are considered a high traffic area just like your hallways and entry ways. So you will need to make sure the carpet you pick out is for a high traffic area.


Carpet stores have rankings for their carpet, and some of the rankings are different. Some stores will use a ranking system of 1 – 5. 1 would be for very low traffic areas with 5 being the best for high traffic areas. If the carpet store you are using this ranking system, do not go any lower than a 3, but I do recommend using the 5. Some stores will just say low, medium, or high traffic. You can use medium, but I recommend using high traffic.

The ranking is very important because of the area. If you get a low traffic carpet, you quickly find that after only a few months, it will look like you have had the carpet for 5 years. The backing for a low traffic carpet area is just not meant for high traffic and you will have to redo the carpet if you choose a too low ranking carpet the first time.

Now once you have a good high ranking carpet selection, there are a few other things to keep in mind. I recommend selecting a low carpet with tight loops, not medium or long carpet. This goes along with it being a high traffic area. If the carpet is too long, you will find that it gets matted and looks worn.

Once you have the ranking and the height picked out, now it’s time to think about color. It is usually best to go with a neutral color, especially if there is ever a time you might resale your house. Just keep in mind that if the color is too light, it can quickly look dirty and you do not want to shampoo your stairs all the time. So perhaps a tan color or any medium neutral color would be best. This is of course up to you. If you have a rule that there are no shoes allowed inside the house, then you can easily go with a light color and not have to worry about it getting that dirty look to quickly.

Even though there are several things to keep in mind when choosing a carpet for your stairs, you will find that you still have so many options within the given criteria. Have fun picking out a carpet that will match you and your home.

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